Common Mistakes Everyone Makes In Solutions

And it returns toast to omelet’s take a look at some specifics your computer system is divided up into input and output devices input devices are things that send information into your computer and output devices are things where information is coming out from your computer so for example a keyboard sends input into the computer therefore it’s an input device I’ll type my key sand it sends the signal inside the computer giving it some directions amuse is also another example of an input device.

we’re sending information into the computer system a monitor is an example of an output device this is because the computer system is sending information out to the monitor for us topee a webcam would be an example of an input device it takes pictures of us and sends it into the computer speakers are examples of output devices the reason is because the signal is coming out creating sounds from the computer we have a few other ones down here like this microphone the microphone would bean input device we’re sending.

information into the computer this tiny little printer would be an example of an output device that’s because of computer sending information out to it so that we can create some cool prints the last one I’ll talk about is this thing this is a scanner and we usually can put a document in here have it scan it as an image into our.

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